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SINCE 1984

CHINT Group Co., Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as "CHINT"), founded in 1984, is a global leading smart energy solutions provider. Since its establishment, CHINT has always focused on the core businesses of green energy, smart electricity, and smart low-carbon, cultivating scientific and technological innovation incubators and forming a "3+2" industrial system.

 Over two decades of global expansion, our business network covers more than 140 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 employees worldwide and an annual sales revenue exceeding 16.1 billion dollars. CHINT has been listed among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 21 consecutive years. CHINT Electric (Stock Code: 601877) is the first A-share listed company in China with low-voltage electrical appliances as its primary business.

 CHINT seizes the new development opportunities of digitalization and dual-carbon goals and continuously strengthens the "One Cloud & Two Nets" strategy. Creating "CHINT Cloud" as the carrier of intelligent technology and data application, leading in building the Energy Internet of Things (EIoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms, aspiring to be explorers, advocates, and practitioners in the world of low-carbon development.

With the "green energy source, smart network, load reduction, and new storage" service systems, CHINT set up a platform-based enterprise, building a regional smart energy industry ecosystem. It provides a total energy solutions package for public institutions, industrial, commercial, and end users to achieve energy conservation, carbon reduction, and accelerate the energy transition.

Shanghai Chint Power System Co., Ltd.

Investor:Zhejiang CHINT Electric Co., Ltd.

Registered capital:200 million yuan

Installation: 20+GW

Shanghai Chint Power Systems is a solar power system solution provider, designing, manufacturing, and supplying high reliability 1kW~2MW PV inverters and power solutions for customers. An international senior management team, experienced and solid research and development resources, advanced component control and design-for-reliability, strong financial support from Chint Group, and inheritance of Chint 30 years' manufacturing experiences and volume, have founded Chint Power System's brand in the field of renewable energy.

The state-of-art newly designed CPS SCA family of Grid-tied PV Inverter featrures itself with full load high efficiency, high reliability and user-friendly interface. Patented 3-level NPC technology and control algorithm lead 98% efficiency on SCA20/36KTL. A user-friendly installation & interface, professional industrial design, and design-for-reliability mechanism, give the CPS SCA PV Inverter Family a competitive edge for customers from all regions.

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TEL: +86-21-3779-1222   

FAX: +86-21-3779-1222-866003 


Shanghai CHINT Power Systems Co., Ltd.

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TEL: +86-21-3779-1222

FAX: +86-21-3779-1222-866003


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