【Case Study】Fuxin 70 MW project was successfully connected to the grid
Release time:2022-04-21
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In recent years, Fuxin has made great efforts to develop the green energy industry, changing from an industrial and mining city to a compound City, and from a traditional energy city to a strong new energy city.In the process of transformation and revitalization of Fuxin, the 250KW inverter of Chint power supply plays an active role in the construction of 70mW photovoltaic power station, and the project will be smoothly connected to the grid at the end of 2021.

Fuxin is one of the first pilot cities of economic transformation of resource-based cities in China, and major new energy enterprises have been deployed here.In the process of resource-based transformation, Fuxin combines photovoltaic power generation with agriculture and animal husbandry to give full play to the land value and realize the complementary of agriculture and light and animal husbandry,Innovative exploration of new path of photovoltaic hybrid development.In this wasteland, 291 CPS sch250ktl-do photovoltaic inverters independently developed by Chint power supply are shining in the sun, adding green kinetic energy for Rural Revitalization.

Coal mining in butterfly subsidence area

Fuxin 70mW project is about 12km away from the urban area. It was originally a mining area, and the land belongs to coal mining subsidence area.The project is a 500MW photovoltaic grid access base project in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. It is located in the Ash Disposal Yard of Wujiazi village, Taiping District, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, with a total installed capacity of 70 MW and a total investment of more than 300 million yuan.The first year utilization hours of the photovoltaic system are 1599.4h,In the design life of 25 years, the total power generation is 2563.925 million kwh, the average power generation is 102.557 million kwh, and the average annual utilization hours is 1465.1 hours.

In the past, in the eyes of villagers, this land belongs to the coal mining subsidence area. The land is barren and not suitable for farming. What is planted is not long. It is almost abandoned land.Fuxin has created a new photovoltaic mode of "photovoltaic + agriculture" and "photovoltaic + land governance" by integrating idle land resources such as abandoned mines, coal mining subsidence areas and mine waste dump,After the successful grid connected power generation of 70 MW PV parity base project, it is of great significance to adjust the energy structure of Fuxin, improve the ecological environment, and promote "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization".

"Plug in" class equipment in winter: 250KW series inverter

Fuxin is located in the low mountain and hilly area in the west of Liaoning Province. It has a long winter time, and the freezing period is nearly 150 days. The minimum temperature can reach about - 30 ℃.The maximum input voltage of general series photovoltaic inverter is about 1000V. With the arrival of winter, the open circuit voltage and working voltage of photovoltaic board will increase with the decrease of temperature.So for extremely cold regions,It is necessary to calculate the open circuit voltage point of each component according to - 30 degrees. The voltage should not exceed the maximum open circuit voltage of the inverter 1000V, otherwise the voltage bearing capacity of the internal components of the machine will exceed the upper limit and be damaged.

The 250KW ultra-high power series inverter of Chint power supply is designed according to 1500V, and adopts the design scheme without screen. In the selection of plastic accessories, the requirement of low-temperature design is also considered, which fundamentally eliminates the problem. Moreover, it has IP66 protection grade and C5 grade anti-corrosion. The whole design can adapt to extreme temperature and harsh working environment.

At the same time, since the project started on June 30, 2020, Chint team has overcome the adverse factors such as rain and snow, severe cold and epidemic situation. Through scientific organization and careful construction, it adheres to the standardization of construction technology, safety and civilization, and management behavior, so as to realize orderly construction links and deliver green power to thousands of households.

The development of photovoltaic agriculture leads the green energy trend of low-carbon and environmental protection, and represents the new direction of agricultural development in the future. It not only sows green organic agriculture, but also harvests clean energy.On the journey of complementary agriculture and light, Zhengtai power supply, as always, has contributed to hundreds of millions of farmers and blue water and blue sky!