GENERA 2023 | Chint Power opens a breakthrough in the European market with new products
Release time:2023-03-01
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Intersolar North America just ended

The first Renewable energy exhibition in Europe closely follows

From February 21st to 23rd, the largest and most influential GENERA energy and environmental protection exhibition in Spain was held at the IFEMA Expo Center in Madrid. At this station Chint Power presented the latest European residential energy storage system, European photovoltaic inverter series and ASTRO series photovoltaic modules at booth 8A14.

After the epidemic ended, major industries have returned to overseas markets, and the same is true for the hot renewable energy industry. As one of the hot countries in the European new energy market, Spain has become the key to open the European market with its unique geographical conditions. Coupled with a series of favorable renewable energy policies of the Spanish government, Spain has become a favorite in the field of solar energy storage.

Renewable residential energy storage products

Ready for market!

In order to solve the energy crisis, Chint Power has developed a new residential energy storage system in line with the actual situation in Europe. Connect more renewable energy into our life to meet the needs of household power supply, effectively reduce electricity bills, and provide backup power support at the same time.

CPS Power Leaf battery adopts modular wiring-free design, and stacked installation is safer; each battery module has a granularity of 2.56kW/5.12kWh, which is more convenient for flexible combination and expansion. The Power Leaf energy storage PCS is equipped with an anti-arc function. When the inverter detects an arc phenomenon in the system, it can immediately shut down to reduce the risk of fire. The IP66 protection level ensures that the PCS can adapt to harsher outdoor environments.

CPS Power Leaf residential energy storage system has modes such as self-generation and self-use, time-sharing control, and backup power, which meet the multi-faceted needs of customers for different scenarios.


Self-use and charge the battery during the day, and use the stored power at night to achieve the purpose of saving electricity bills around the clock

Time of use

Match users' peak and off peak electricity price policies, adjust operating rules according to different electricity price standards, and maximize benefits

backup power

The backup power supply mode will automatically start when the power grid fails, and seamlessly switch off the grid within 10ms to ensure continuous power supply to key loads.

Residential PV have long been the choice of many families. With the development of technology, the demand for energy storage has skyrocketed. For households that have installed photovoltaic systems, the Chint Power Leaf energy storage system can be seamlessly integrated with the original photovoltaic system to upgrade the original photovoltaic system. The utilization rate is better for users to reduce fees and increase efficiency.

Frequent international conflicts, energy shortages and rising prices have further accelerated the energy transition in the European market. According to relevant data, by 2030, renewable energy will account for 70% of Spanish electricity, and photovoltaics and energy storage have gradually become important in the European market. need. As a breakthrough in the European market, CPS has already penetrated into Spain and launched a series of European version photovoltaic inverters to help the energy transition in the European market.

Residential Photovoltaic

Peace of mind and convenience

CPS residential photovoltaic product line covers 2-30kW power levels, including single-phase and three-phase European version inverters. Residential series products adopt fanless topology design to create a low-noise and quiet atmosphere; equipped with DC switch, standard Wi-Fi communication mode, support remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade, after-sales service guarantees the maintenance of the entire life cycle, worry-free and convenient.

Industrial and Commercial Photovoltaic

Multi-mode high adaptation

Aiming at the industrial and commercial photovoltaic market in the European market, Chint Power has also deployed in advance. Taking the 110kW inverter as an example, it has completed the photovoltaic inverter test and the high and low wear test before entering the European market. It meets the requirements of EN50549 and supports three types of high and low wear. Measurement mode: zero current mode, reactive power priority, and active power priority. The European version of the 110kW inverter has high adaptability, has a multi-channel MPPT design scheme, can effectively adapt to various complex terrains, and can support various specifications of components below 210 and 182.

With the help of this GENERA energy and environmental protection exhibition, Chint Power will go all out to actively explore the European market, and will provide more high-quality products and professional services to more overseas customers, and convert solar energy into green energy and flow it into thousands of households.