Intersolar Europe | Chint Power is born in the sun, showcasing its strength with PV storage products
Release time:2023-06-21
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On June 14-16, 2023, Intersolar Europe 2023 was held in the New International Expo Center in Germany. Chint Power, with 2-30kW, 110-125kW, 275kW Solar inverter and the new liquid cooled energy storage system POWER BLOCK2.0 and residential energy storage system POWER LEAF, appeared in Intersolar Europe A1.250 booth, helping the healthy development of the photovoltaic market and creating a green and low-carbon future together with enterprises. The exhibition was bustling with people, and numerous clients gathered in front of the Chint Power display, listening to the product manager introducing products and system solutions.

As the largest economy in Europe, Germany is not only an established photovoltaic empire, but has also risen to become the largest solar market in the European Union. Under the influence of the energy crisis and related policies, Germany's installed capacity has risen steadily. It is reported that there is no peak and off peak difference in electricity prices for German residents, and the first batch of residential photovoltaic products is also about to expire, indicating strong demand in the residential storage market. In addition, photovoltaic distribution and storage is also the future development direction of the global solar energy market, and the European energy storage market is also booming.

Fit to reality

Developing high-quality products

After continuous research, Chint Power has developed the residential energy storage system POWER LEAF, which aims to integrate more renewable energy into daily life, meet household power supply needs, effectively reduce electricity bills, and provide backup power support. According to the actual situation in Europe, Chint Power will also launch the liquid cooled energy storage system POWER BLOCK2.0 for large-scale ground power plants.

POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid cooled energy storage system

The POWER BLOCK 2.0 new liquid cooled energy storage system has three major product advantages: high specific energy, high performance, and high safety. Continuing the product concept of the ultimate design of the POWER BLOCK 1.0 system, through efficient grouping technology and further optimization of the pack layout inside the container, the system's grouping efficiency has been improved by more than 12%. The standard 20 foot container can accommodate 5.1MWh, which increases the system's specific energy by over 37%; the system transportation cost is reduced by 20%, the project area is reduced by 30%, and the construction time is shortened by 15%.

The POWER BLOCK 2.0 liquid cooling system adopts intelligent liquid cooling temperature control technology and a multi-level variable diameter liquid cooling pipeline design, which can achieve a temperature difference between pack level cells of less than 1.5 ℃ and system level cells of less than 2 ℃. At the same time, a new insulation and thermal conductivity design is adopted, which increases the heat exchange efficiency by 10%. The system power consumption is reduced by 20%, effectively improving the cycle life of the energy storage system by more than 10%, greatly improving project revenue throughout the entire lifecycle.

The POWER BLOCK 2.0 liquid cooling system adopts a comprehensive safety design, ensuring the safety and stability of the system from multiple dimensions such as electrical, structural, operational, personal, and fire protection. In terms of fire protection, the system adopts a dual fire protection system of pack, cluster, and cabin level water and gas, which is more precise and improves system safety.

Residential energy storage system POWER LEAF

The POWER LEAF residential energy storage battery of Chint Power adopts a modular and wiring free design, making it safer to install in a stacked manner; Each battery module has a capacity of 2.56kW/5.12kWh, which makes flexible combination and capacity expansion more convenient. POWER LEAF residential energy storage PCS is equipped with anti arcing function. When the inverter detects arcing phenomenon in the system, it can immediately shut down and reduce fire risk; The IP66 protection level ensures that PCS can adapt to harsher outdoor environments.

It is worth mentioning that the POWER LEAF residential energy storage system has multiple modes such as spontaneous self use, time of use, emergency power storage, and backup power supply, meeting the diverse needs of customers in different scenarios.

Spontaneous self use

During the day, self use and charge the battery spontaneously, and at night use the stored energy to achieve the goal of saving electricity bills 24/7

Time of use

After simply selecting the time period and mode, the system automatically switches according to the settings, intelligently achieving maximum value

Emergency power storage and backup power supply

The system has preset an emergency power storage warning mode to prepare for charging in advance. When the backup power mode is automatically started and seamlessly switched off for 10ms, ensuring that critical loads are not powered off.

Residential photovoltaic has long been the choice of many residentials. With the development of technology, the demand for energy storage has skyrocketed. For residentials with installed photovoltaic systems, the POWER LEAF energy storage system of Chint Power can seamlessly integrate with the original photovoltaic system, improve the utilization rate of the original photovoltaic system, and better reduce costs and increase efficiency for users.

Adhere to one's original intention

Specialized in Solar inverter

Residential Solar inverter

Chint Power residential photovoltaic product series covers a power level of 2-30kW, including single-phase and three-phase European version inverters. The household series products adopt a fanless design, creating a low noise and quiet atmosphere; Equipped with DC switch and standard Wi Fi communication mode, it supports remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade. After sales Service guarantee guarantees the maintenance of the whole life cycle, which is easy and convenient.

Commercial Solar inverter

The commercial PV inverter of Chint Power Supply should not be underestimated. The European version 50-125kW commercial Solar inverter has the characteristics of high reliability, strong adaptability and high efficiency. Can provide reactive power support, with active power derating and reactive power regulation functions; And the inverter has high adaptability, with a multi-channel MPPT design scheme, effectively adapting to various complex terrains, and can support various specifications of components below 210 and 182.

Solar inverter for ground power station

Chint Power European version 275kW inverter is a professional ground power station inverter with excellent temperature design, ensuring that the inverter can still operate at full power without derating at 42 ℃; It has high efficiency, wide working voltage range, wide temperature range, high IP66 protection level, and C5 anti-corrosion function, and can adapt to various application scenarios; Flexible configuration, while taking into account various component types of 166/182/210.

Chint Power has attracted the attention of many professionals and merchants with its brand new household energy storage system, professional optical storage system solutions, and high-quality after-sales service. In the future, Chint Power will also focus on its core advantages, conduct in-depth research on industry development trends, improve product innovation capabilities, explore global market optical storage development opportunities, and make more contributions to energy transformation.