Chint Power's portable optical storage products exploded at the Brazil Solar Energy Exhibition
Release time:2023-09-28
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On August 29-31, 2023, Intersolar South America 2023 was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Chint Power, along with 5-10kW single-phase inverters, 5-60kW, 75-125kW, 250/275kW three-phase inverters, Residential energy storage system (ESS) - POWER LEAF, and liquid cooled ESS POWER BLOCK2.0, appeared at booth W1.110. Explore the future development and technological trends of the market with numerous optical storage enterprises at home and abroad.

Martin Liu General Manager of Chint Power International, warmly welcomed all guests and partners present, and together with the Brazilian market leader, introduced Chint Power's future plans and related products in the Brazilian market.

Chint Power 250/275kW photovoltaic inverter is a professional ground power station series inverter designed with multi-channel MPPT, which can flexibly adapt to different scenarios. Its excellent temperature design ensures that the inverter can still operate at full power in an environment of 42 ℃. 

At the exhibition, many exhibitors gathered in front of Chint Power's products. Chint introduced in detail the popular 75-125kW series inverters in the Brazilian market. Conventional products with the same power usually use a 10 MPPT scheme, while Chint Power's series products have a 12 MPPT configuration, which has a higher power generation capacity than the competitors; Able to operate at full power without derating at 45 ℃; At the same time, AFCI has complete functions; Equipped with zero export scheme, including electricity meter and CT; Flexible and suitable for industrial and commercial occasions with high requirements for grid continuity. 

Chint Power 5-10kW single-phase inverter and 5-60kW three-phase inverter has excellent performance, more voltage selectivity, higher transmission efficiency, and better suited for residential and commercial scenarios.

Chint Power showcased its newly launched POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid cooled ESS and residential ESS POWER LEAF. with the reveal of Chint’s new products, more and more exhibitors showed strong interest in it.

The POWER BLOCK 2.0 liquid cooled energy storage system has three major advantages: high specific energy, high performance, and high safety. A standard 20 foot container can accommodate 5WMh, reducing the cost per watt hour. The POWER LEAF Residential ESS supports full house load and maintains a positive interaction between energy storage, photovoltaic, and load through an intelligent time-sharing control mode.