Chint Power's large item debuted in RE+2023, competing in the North American optical storage market
Release time:2023-09-28
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September 11-13th, the 20th American Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (RE+) was held at the Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas, USA. Chint Power along with a complete set of North American PV plus storage system solutions, such as the brand new high-power 350kW inverter, and POWER BLOCK 2.0 liquid cooled energy storage system solution, appeared at booth 2521, attracting numerous exhibitors.

At this exhibition, Chint Power showcased its newly launched POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid-cooled energy storage system and 320kW string type inverter.

The new generation POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid cooled energy storage system of Chint Power has three major product advantages: high specific energy, high performance, and high safety. It is currently the liquid cooled energy storage system with the highest volumetric capacity in the world. A standard 20 foot container can accommodate 5MWh, which not only reduces the cost per watt hour, but also fully utilizes the full power of the 5MW inverter boost integrated machine, achieving the optimal comprehensive delivery cost.

At the same time, in order to achieve long-term reliable security of the system, it adopts a comprehensive and comprehensive security design, ensuring the safety and stability of the system from multiple dimensions such as electrical, structural, operational, personal safety, and fire protection.

Its intelligent liquid cooling temperature control technology and multi-level variable diameter liquid cooling pipeline design can achieve a temperature difference at the battery pack level of less than 1.5 ℃, and a temperature difference between system level of less than 2 ℃, effectively improving the system cycle life and project revenue throughout the entire lifecycle.

Chint Power's new 350kW North American version high-power inverter is another breakthrough and innovation in the field of high-power series inverters since the 275kW series inverter. Its excellent temperature design ensures that the inverter can still operate at full power at 45 , greatly improving the system's power generation efficiency.

The 350kW series inverter supports 15 MPPT tracking, with a maximum input current of 40A for each channel of MPPT. It can flexibly adapt to various specifications of 210/182/166 components.

In addition to the POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid cooled energy storage system, which was first exhibited in North America, other products developed by Chint Power specifically for the North American market have also attracted attention.

Chint Power 125kW/279.55kWh and 250kW/559.1kWh industrial and commercial energy storage systems are suitable for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial energy storage projects. They support plug and play, can quickly expand capacity, and can achieve direct parallel connection of up to 4 devices.

Chint Power's US version of the Residential ESS-POWER LEAF is also eye-catching, its PCS continuing the traditional split design used in North America. When the equipment malfunctions, the PCA can be replaced separately without the need to disassemble the junction box; Its IP66 protection level makes the equipment more adaptable to the environment. It is worth mentioning that the American version of the POWER LEAF Residential ESS combines high load output and bypass function, allowing for worry free power consumption even if equipment malfunctions.

Chint Power American version 275kW inverter is a professional ground power station inverter with excellent temperature design, which can ensure its full power without derating at 42 . It has high protection level of IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion function, and can adapt to various application scenarios. In order to flexibly adapt to different specifications of components, Chint Power has launched both 24 input and 36 input models. In addition, in order to meet the needs of customers, Chint Power has also launched a Cluster solution that is suitable for ground power plants. It can be equipped with 3 inverters and 1 combiner box, making installation more convenient.

Chint Power American version 100/125kW series inverter is suitable for community photovoltaic and small ground power plants. The inverter has high adaptability and multiple MPPT design schemes, effectively adapting to various complex terrains, and can support various specifications of components below 210 and 182. Chint Power's American versions of 25kW, 36/50/60kW series inverters are more suitable for industrial and commercial rooftops, car sheds, and other scenarios, equipped with AFCI, RSD functions, and AC switches designed according to the American market.

It is worth mentioning that the entire series of North American inverters of Chint Power adopts a tube through design, which is consistent with the split design concept and is specifically designed according to the North American market environment to make equipment installation and maintenance more convenient.