Chint Power's Cutting-Edge Photovoltaic Storage System Solution Highlights Boston
Release time:2024-02-18
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From February 13th to 14th, the industry-representative solar photovoltaic and energy storage exhibition was successfully held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Chint Power attracted the attention of many exhibitors with its complete set of utility power station photovoltaic storage system solutions.

What is the market environment for photovoltaic storage in Boston?

As the world's second-largest photovoltaic market, the U.S. photovoltaic and storage market has continued to be active in recent years. Despite various tariffs and trade barriers, the U.S. photovoltaic and storage market remains attractive. Unlike Los Angeles and San Diego, which have a lot of sunshine, Boston, located in the north, has become a popular city for solar power generation with the support of policies. 

As the capital of Massachusetts in the United States, the Massachusetts government attaches great importance to the development of renewable energy. Benefiting from government support for renewable energy and growing market demand, photovoltaic projects continue to emerge in the Boston area, and the market environment is showing a positive development trend.

Chint power system solutions

To meet the challenge of the high proportion of new energy grid connections, Chint Power has built a comprehensive and efficient ground power station photovoltaic system solution, including inverter, combiner box (two types), Cluster bracket, SKID (4.2/3.3/2.8 MVA). This solution can not only match 275kW inverters but also 350kW inverters, which is more in line with the needs of American customers.

The 350kW inverter is designed with 15 inputs of MPPT tracking. The maximum input current of each MPPT reaches 40A and can be flexibly adapted to 210/182/166 modules of various specifications. Its excellent temperature design ensures that the inverter remains at full power without derating at 45°C(113°F), greatly improving the system power generation efficiency.

In addition, Chint Power also exhibited an energy storage system solution that is more suitable for the U.S. market. This system combines the three major advantages of high specific energy, high performance, and high safety. A standard 20-foot container can accommodate 5MWh, reducing the LCOE cost. The supporting 2.4MW inverter-transformer integrated SKID has cluster-level management functions, which can ensure that each battery cluster is fully charged or discharged, and solve the problem of SOC inconsistency caused by multiple battery clusters connected in parallel.

To achieve long-term reliability and safety of the system, the energy storage system adopts a comprehensive safety design to ensure the safety and stability of the system from multiple dimensions such as electrical, structural, operation, personal, and fire protection.

In terms of structural strength, it meets the Zone 4 earthquake resistance level, and the entire system can be lifted at full load. In terms of fire protection, the system adopts pack, cluster, and cabin-level water and vapor dual fire protection to be more precise and improve system safety. 

Its intelligent liquid-cooling temperature control technology and multi-stage variable-diameter liquid-cooling pipeline design can achieve a temperature difference between Pack-level cells of<1.5°C and a system-level cell temperature difference of <2°C. Effectively improve the system cycle life and project revenue throughout the life cycle.

Chint Power's photovoltaic and energy storage system solutions not only provide one-stop products and professional technical support but also greatly simplify the installation and post-maintenance process. It also significantly reduces the LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) and the initial investment cost of the project. Depending on the actual situation of the project, Chint Power's team will also match different overall solutions for the project to bring the most suitable choice to customers.

As one of the most influential photovoltaic exhibitions in the eastern United States, Chint Power's appearance not only demonstrated its extraordinary strength in the field of photovoltaic storage but also injected new vitality into the photovoltaic storage market in the eastern United States.