Chint Power's Photovoltaic and Storage System Solutions Help the Development of Renewable Energy
Release time:2024-02-29
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On February 28th, the Key Energy exhibition kicked off in the Rimini Exhibition Centre, Italy. Chint Power brought its residential energy storage solutions, commercial and industrial and residential PV solutions, and ground-mounted photovoltaic storage solutions to Booth D2-041 to support the development of renewable energy.

What are the prospects for the Italian renewable energy market?

Current market situation

As one of the important PV markets in Europe, Italy has a stable demand for PV electricity. According to the data of the power statistics report of Terna S.p.A., the Italian transmission system operator, Italy added 5.2GW of PV installed capacity in 2023, which is about 108% higher than the 2.5GW of PV installed capacity added in 2022, including the addition of 724MW in December, a year-on-year increase of 153%.

Policy support

The Italian photovoltaic (PV) market has shown another strong growth in recent years, especially with a significant increase in PV capacity allocated in renewable energy auctions. According to a framework document drafted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Environment, Italy plans to increase the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption to 28% by 2030. In particular, the share of renewable energy in power generation will increase to 55%; the share of renewable energy in transportation will increase to 21%.

Chint Power's photovoltaic and storage system solutions help the development of renewable energy

Ground-based Power Station & PV Energy Storage

With continuous technological advancement and policy support, the Italian PV market is embracing a broader development prospect. To better meet customers' needs, Chint Power has launched 333-350kW string inverters. This inverter inherits the characteristics of high power inverter with high efficiency, high reliability, and high performance; With an integrated 15-channel MPPT, the maximum efficiency can reach 99%, and it can operate at full power without derating even at 45℃, which can effectively improve power generation efficiency and is suitable for large-scale ground power station scenarios.

Displayed together with the 350kW inverter is the 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system solution, which combines the advantages of high specific energy, high performance, and high safety, and consists of a 5MW PCS booster box + a liquid-cooled battery box. The standard 20-foot container can hold 5MWh, which reduces the cost per watt-hour. The 2.4MW inverter-booster integrated SKID consisting of 12 self-developed 200kW PCS step-up transformers can also manage the 12 clusters of batteries in the system cluster by cluster, ensuring that each cluster is fully charged or discharged, and solving the SOC inconsistency caused by multiple clusters of batteries connected in parallel.

In addition, Chint Power also provides a 350kW inverter with a liquid-cooled energy storage system for low-voltage coupled ground-based power station PV storage system solutions to meet the special needs of customers.

Residential Energy Storage

At the exhibition, Chint Power introduced a new generation of single-phase and three-phase residential energy storage solutions to meet the diversified needs of users. 

The core products of this solution are a Hybrid Inverter and a residential energy storage battery. The battery adopts a modular stacking design, which makes wiring-free installation more convenient; The Hybrid inverter is equipped with AFCI function and 5 basic operating modes as standard, featuring high yield, high performance, and high reliability, which can adapt to various harsh installation environments and guarantee the safety of household electricity consumption.

The whole solution can provide users with safe, stable, and reliable power, and support seamless switching between grid-connected and off-grid to ensure that critical loads do not lose power. Grid-connected maximum power backup can reach 12kW (single-phase)/40kW (three-phase), supporting whole-house power backup, saving the cost of separating loads, and truly making power outages worry-free; With smarter time-sharing control mode and intelligent load control function, it further enhances the revenue, and can meet customers' multi-faceted needs for different scenarios.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential PV

In addition to photovoltaic storage solutions, Chint Power also exhibited PV solutions more suitable for the European market.

Chint Power's residential PV product line covers 2-40kW power levels and includes single-phase and three-phase European inverters. The indoor series utilizes a fanless topology to create a low noise and quiet atmosphere. Equipped with a DC switch, standard Wi-Fi communication, support for remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and software upgrades, and after-sales service to ensure maintenance throughout the entire life cycle, it is very convenient.

Chint Power commercial PV inverters are also not to be underestimated. The upcoming new generation of 100/125kW string inverters support 12-channel MPPT, which is 2 channels more than the industry benchmark. The overmatching ratios with components are all higher than 150%, with lower kWh cost, better module adaptability, more complete protection functions, and more flexible monitoring functions.

The Italian exhibition is still in full swing, Chint Power welcomes you to visit booth D2-041, where the staff will explain the system solutions in detail. According to the actual demand, we will customize the optimal optical storage system solutions for our customers!