Chint Power Showcases Energy Storage System Solutions at PV EXPO Tokyo
Release time:2024-03-01
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PV EXPO Tokyo 2024 was held from February 28th to March 1st at the Tokyo Big Sight. Chint Power presented ground-based power stations, and industrial and commercial energy storage solutions at Booth E14-29, and shared the latest technical achievements, project cases, and energy storage system solutions with exhibitors from all over the world.

PV EXPO is the largest, most professional, and most influential international renewable energy industry exhibition in the entire Asian region, and is currently the best platform to develop the Japanese solar market and the growing Asian solar market.

2.4MW/5MWh Liquid-Cooled Energy Storage System Debut at PV EXPO Japan

The 2.4MW/5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system attracted a wave of onlookers at the booth when it was first unveiled in Japan. The energy storage system features three major characteristics: high specific energy, high performance, and high safety, and can be configured with a variety of energy storage solutions, such as 2MW/4MWh and 4MW/8MWh, according to customer needs.

1. Through the CTP high-efficiency grouping technology, the standard 20-foot container can accommodate up to 5MWh, and the system-specific energy is improved by 35%+, which reduces the cost of kWh and realizes the optimal comprehensive delivery cost.

2. Intelligent liquid cooling temperature control technology and multi-stage variable-diameter liquid cooling pipeline design are adopted to realize the temperature difference between Pack-level cores <1.5℃ and system-level cores <2℃. At the same time, it has a cluster-level management function, which can ensure that each battery cluster is fully charged or discharged, solving the SOC inconsistency problem caused by the parallel connection of multiple battery clusters in the traditional program, and improving the system life by 10%.

3. Adopting an all-around safety design to ensure the safety and stability of the system in multiple dimensions, such as electrical, structural, operational, personal, and fire protection. 5700V full-area insulation voltage resistance, twelve-fold electrical protection, self-redundancy of software and hardware protection, and mutual backup, which greatly improves system safety.

New 30kW/73.7kWh Commercial Energy Storage System for Local Integration

Chint Power has been in the Japanese market for many years and is currently the only company in Japan with on-grid and off-grid switching loop technology. We have launched a variety of commercial and industrial PV storage systems, which can be used as backup power while taking into account the functions of demand regulation and peak shaving.

To meet the special characteristics of Japan's localized market, Chint Power has launched an integrated industrial and commercial storage system with on-grid and off-grid switching devices, which is also equipped with some high-performance highlights, such as protection level, compatibility, safety, and other design features, and meets the needs of office buildings and other commercial scenarios.

1. Anti-reverse current and OVGR protection specially designed for the Japanese market

2. Suitable for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial energy storage projects, integration of photovoltaic systems

3. Supports plug-and-play, rapid capacity expansion, up to 4 devices can be directly connected in parallel

4. The whole machine protection level IP54 (PCS: IP65), can be directly installed in outdoor high temperatures, high humidity, high altitude salt spray, and other harsh environments

5. Intelligent anti-reverse current function, flexible control of PV and energy storage power, and fast response within 0.5s to meet the needs of major power companies in Japan.

6. Linkage with many power companies has been completed.

Multiple power backup solutions more suitable for the Japanese market

Chint Power has introduced 2h 125kW/239kWh, 250kW/478kWh and 4h 62.5kW/239kWh, 125kW/478kWh power backup solutions for customers to choose from according to the localized demand in Japan, which can meet the needs of medium and large-sized areas such as factories, commercial districts, residential buildings, etc. as well as large-scale power stations with on-grid or off-grid energy storage power systems.

1. Modularized design, flexible expansion, outdoor design, and convenient installation

2. Integrated modular three-level PCS, high efficiency, convenient maintenance

3. One-to-one connection between PCS and battery clusters, avoiding parallel loss of battery clusters.

4. Industrial-grade air conditioning, to ensure battery life

5. Integrate local EMS, real-time monitoring, and rapid fault location.

Chint Power is steadily establishing itself in the Japanese market and has always been committed to exploring the potential needs of our customers in depth. Through continuous research development and optimization of products, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry, and at the same time, we continue to improve the after-sales service system, contributing to the vigorous development of the new energy industry in Japan.