Tier1! Chint Power is Once Again on the Bloomberg Global Tier 1 Solar Inverter Makers List!
Release time:2024-03-06
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BloombergNEF, the world's leading research organization, announced its list of global solar inverter makers for the first quarter of 2024, and Chint Power once again ranked in tier 1 of global solar inverter makers.

Chint Power is one of only six companies successfully selected as a manufacturer of global Tier 1 PV inverters, demonstrating its outstanding technical strength and market competitiveness. Due to the stringent conditions for selecting Tier 1 suppliers, it has become one of the most recognizable and reliable industry rating systems in the world. It is considered to be a fair, objective, and highly credible authoritative reference in the industry, and is widely recognized by international financial institutions and new energy investors.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has developed its rating system for PV inverter suppliers in the global market, based on the key grading criterion of "bankability", to make the differences in PV inverter brands transparent on a global scale. The selected Tier 1 inverter manufacturers are required to have provided a large number of self-branded, self-produced inverter products to global projects in the past two years, and these projects must have received non-recourse financing from several different commercial banks.

The fact that Chint Power is once again ranked in tier 1 of global solar inverter makers is a perfect manifestation of its technological strength, product quality, financeability, and market competitiveness, and is also a recognition of Chint Power.

In the highly competitive PV inverter field, Chint Power will also continue to be oriented to customer needs, through continuous technological innovation and R&D investment, to improve product performance and quality, and to provide customers with more efficient, more reliable, and more intelligent PV inverter products and solutions. At the same time, we will also actively expand the market, expand the brand influence, and strive to become a trusted partner of global customers.