Chint Power Systems‘ Photovoltaic Storage System Solution Showcased at SolarEX in Turkey
Release time:2024-04-08
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On April 4-6, SolarEX was held in Istanbul. Chint Power presented industrial and commercial photovoltaic (PV), ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV), and energy storage system solutions at Booth 3C01, which attracted a large number of visitors.

Turkey's PV development gaining momentum due to policy incentives

Recently, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Turkey's Minister of Industry and Technology, has taken a positive stance on the government's determination to continue to provide incentives for renewable energy technologies to promote the development of green energy. Currently, Turkey's national regulator has begun issuing pre-licenses for wind and solar energy storage facilities, which are expected to be issued in the next three years about 20GW, Turkey's photovoltaic and wind energy industry is expected to achieve more rapid development in the future!

In addition, Ember-Climate cited Turkish government data that by the end of 2023, Turkey's installed solar and wind capacity will reach 11.7GW and 11.8GW, respectively, not including auxiliary PV capacity in hybrid power plants. Although Turkey does not rank among the top countries in Europe in terms of installed PV capacity, its installed growth rate is among the highest, showing strong momentum.

Following the trend, Chint Power's optical storage products have excellent performance

1. Utility power station photovoltaic

In this exhibition, in addition to having a wide operating voltage, wide temperature range, IP66 high dust and waterproof grade, and C5 anti-corrosion function, which can be adapted to a variety of application scenarios European version of the 275kW inverter.

The new SCH333~350K-T-EU series from Chint Power was also on display. This series of inverters integrates up to 15 MPPTs, with a maximum efficiency of up to 99%, and the excellent temperature design ensures that the inverters continue to operate at full power at 45°C, effectively improving power generation efficiency.

It supports night-time reactive power compensation and all-around grid monitoring, is designed with PID prevention and repair functions, and is equipped with intelligent DC controllable switches, which can realize millisecond automatic disconnection when encountering faults, combining high efficiency, intelligence, and safety.

2. Commercial and industrial photovoltaic

We also exhibited 100/125kW string inverters for commercial and industrial use, which support 12-channel MPPT, 2 more channels than the industry benchmark companies, with high granularity of MPPT, over-allocation ratio of more than 1.5, lower kWh cost, and better adaptability of modules; It provides complete single and multiple anti-backflow programs, with more complete protection functions and more flexible monitoring functions.

3. Utility Energy Storage

At the exhibition, Chint Power's 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system instantly attracted everyone's attention with its "huge" body. The system combines the advantages of high specific energy, high performance, and high safety, and is composed of a 5MW PCS booster box and a liquid-cooled battery box.

-The standard 20-foot container holds 5MWh, and the system specific energy is increased by 35%+, which reduces the cost per watt-hour.

-Intelligent liquid-cooling temperature control technology is adopted, and the multi-stage variable-diameter liquid-cooling pipeline design can realize the temperature difference between Pack-level cells<1.5℃, and the temperature difference between system-level cells <2℃.

In addition, the whole system adopts an all-around domain-wide safety design, which ensures the safety and stability of the system in multiple dimensions, such as electrical, structural, operational, personal, and fire protection.

-With the 2.4MW inverter-booster integrated SKID consisting of 12 self-developed 200kW PCS step-up transformers, it also manages the 12 clusters of batteries in the system one by one, ensuring that each cluster is fully charged or discharged, and solving the SOC inconsistency caused by multiple clusters of batteries connected in parallel.

Chint Power Signs on-site Contracts for Two Major PV+Storage Projects

On the exhibition site, Chint Power has reached a cooperation agreement with two Turkish companies, for which Chint Power will provide one-stop solutions for PV and energy storage systems.

According to the agreement, Chint Power will provide 275kW string inverters and 2.4MW/5.1MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system for one of the companies, which is located in Urfa, Turkey, and is expected to be completed and delivered in September 2024. Another project totaling 12MW of PV, accompanied by 10MW/10MWh of energy storage to meet the region's power demand, the project is located in Konya, Turkey, and is expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.

The successful signing of this contract not only highlights the brand influence of Chint Power but also marks the imminent launch of the first large-scale energy storage project in Turkey.

Chint Power is committed to promoting the development of green energy and working with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better future for sustainable energy. With the help of this exhibition, we will actively explore the European PV market, present more high-quality photovoltaic products and professional services for global customers, and contribute to the cause of clean energy in Turkey and the world.