Turkey's Largest Microgrid Applied Storage Solar Power Plant from Chint Power
Release time:2024-04-18
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Chint Power has signed a cooperation agreement with an independent oil and gas company and a provider of end-to-end energy solutions in the renewable energy sector. Turkey's largest micro-grid applied storage solar power system to be realized in Şanlıurfa will consist of a 2.5 MW solar power plant and a 2.4 MW / 5 MWh liquid-cooled energy storage system.

Chint Group, which has been providing end-to-end energy solutions in all areas of energy for more than 40 years in 140 countries with more than 40,000 employees, has signed a cooperation agreement with  Turkey's leading independent domestic and national oil and gas company. The agreement, which was completed with the signing ceremony held at the Solarex Istanbul Fair between April 4-6, one of Turkey's largest solar energy fairs, will ensure the highest benefit from renewable energy.

Our partner will carry out all engineering and field application processes, SCADA, and EMS integration of the project to be realized in Şanlıurfa. This project will be Turkey's first critical load microgrid applied storage solar energy system. The project aims to meet the demands of the domestic and national oil production field at the highest level by optimizing energy production and supplying loads effectively and uninterruptedly. The facility will have a very advanced and state-of-the-art microgrid application with a solar power plant, storage units, diesel generators, and multiple grid connections. In addition to the storage system, both Astronergy's high-quality PV modules and Chint Power's state-of-the-art string inverters will be used.

Stating that they aim to bring renewable energy to all corners of Turkey, Ercüment Kaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chint Turkey, said: "We aim to bring renewable energy to all corners of our country with the investments we make and the collaborations we realize. Within the scope of this goal, we are starting a new cooperation with our partner. With the solar energy storage system that we will realize for the first time in Turkey, we will ensure that the opportunities for renewable energy are utilized at the highest level. We will continue to take part in every area where our country needs energy and continue our support. I wish the agreement to be auspicious and auspicious for both parties.

Our client's CEO said: "This cooperation agreement signals an important step towards realizing our vision of "supporting a greener future" for our company. This initial project not only significantly reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations, but also brings significant expertise that we can apply to similar third-party projects in the future."

Stating that the project has reached the signature stage after 13 months of engineering work, Chairman of our client's said: "From a technical point of view, this project could only be carried out with a technology company like Chint Power, which provides the world's most advanced, efficient and high performance products in the sector. I would like to thank Chint Power and Astronergy for their contribution to the technical solution.