Expanding Energy Cooperation: Chint Power Debuts at Pakistan Exhibition
Release time:2024-05-17
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On May 17th, INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ENERGY MEET Pakistan kicked off at the Lahore Exhibition Center. Chint Power presented industrial, commercial, and residential PV solutions at the exhibition. We contribute to the energy transition in the Middle East with our high-quality PV solutions.

Pakistan - a perfect place to build photovoltaic power plants

As the world's fifth most populous country, Pakistan's social development and economic progress are facing the serious challenge of oversupply in the power market. However, Pakistan is rich in light resources, which provides unique conditions for the construction of PV power plants. The green energy brought by PV power plants can effectively improve Pakistan's energy structure and bring a better quality of life for residents. With the in-depth promotion of the “Belt and Road” initiative, the potential for cooperation between Chinese PV companies and Pakistan in the field of PV energy is gradually expanding. The organization of this exhibition also brings new cooperation opportunities for some enterprises.

Chint Power-Professional PV Solution Provider

Chint Power's 100/125kW string inverters are suitable for commercial and industrial scenarios. The inverters support 12 MPPTs, two more than the industry benchmark. The MPPT is highly granular, with an over-matching ratio of up to 1.5. In addition to this, it offers a lower cost of electricity and better module adaptability. This inverter supports AC and DC secondary lightning protection, and AFCI anti-arc intelligent detection, and can provide complete single and multiple anti-backcurrent solutions. The protection function of this inverter is more complete, and the AC terminal supports both copper and aluminum wires. It is equipped with (RS485/Ethernet/Wifi/4G) multiple communication modes, which makes the remote monitoring function more flexible.

Chint Power's 10kW household PV inverter has a maximum input current of 15A. It is compatible with a wide range of high-power modules and supports 1.5x DC overmatching, ultra-low start-up voltage, and ultra-wide voltage range, which can greatly enhance power generation efficiency. In addition, its IP65 and C5 protection level makes it not afraid of harsh environments and can be installed outdoors. The inverter supports multiple communication methods (RS485/WIFI/4G) and has a built-in cell phone APP. Besides, it also supports remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, and software upgrades. Perfect after-sales service guarantees the maintenance of the whole life cycle, making it more convenient for customers.

The exhibition in Pakistan is in progress, we sincerely invite partners who are interested in Chint Power to visit our booth. Our professional team will provide you with a detailed explanation of Chint Power's PV system solutions. We will customize the most appropriate and feasible PV system solution for you according to the uniqueness and actual needs of each project!