Chint Power's Liquid-cooling Energy Storage System Lights Up Yueqing City
Release time:2024-07-03
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Recently, the first shoreline energy storage power plant in Zhejiang Province--Wenzhou Yueqing 50MW/100MWh Shared Energy Storage Power Plant Project was connected to the grid and generated electricity. The booster station and the energy storage station were successfully energized at one time, and the parameters of each system were normal, and the equipment operated steadily. The project is located in the outer sea area of Wengle Reclamation in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, and adopted Chint Power's POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid-cooling energy storage system.

Chint Power's POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid-cooling energy storage system combines three major advantages: high specific energy, high performance, and high safety. The system consists of a PCS booster tank and a liquid-cooling battery tank, which can hold up to 5MWh in a standard 20-foot container, increasing the specific energy by 37% and effectively reducing the cost per watt-hour. The integrated system solution, prefabricated in the factory without on-site installation and adjustment, effectively helps the project to seize the construction period and greatly saves the construction time of the project.

Chint Power's POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid-cooling energy storage system adopts intelligent liquid-cooling temperature control technology and multi-stage variable-diameter liquid-cooling piping design, which can realize the temperature difference at Pack-level electric cell of <1.5°C and system-level electric cell of <2°C. Meanwhile, the new insulation and thermal conductivity design is adopted to increase the heat exchange efficiency by 10%. The power consumption of the system is reduced by 20%, which effectively improves the life cycle of the energy storage system by more than 10%, and greatly improves the project revenue.

In addition, to realize the long-term reliability and safety of the system, Chint Power POWER BLOCK2.0 liquid-cooling energy storage system adopts an all-around safety design, from the electric cell, pack, battery cluster to the system, constructing five levels of fusing and twelve levels of electrical linkage protection; The system adopts pack, cluster, and container level fire protection to enhance system safety. The system has multiple electrical protection, anti-vibration, and anti-pressure structural designs, and the container can achieve C5 anti-corrosion so that it can operate efficiently and stably in high humidity and high corrosion marine environments.

After the commissioning of this energy storage power station project, it can provide quota leasing services for new energy enterprises and participate in auxiliary services in the power market. Accepting the instruction from the power grid, the operation mode can realize the peak operation mode and the frequency regulation operation mode: the peak operation mode can realize two charges and two discharges per day, and each time 2 hours of peak regulation service. The FM operation mode can participate in the AGC FM market, participate in the market bidding as an independent third-party subject, and at the same time provide various auxiliary services such as phase adjustment, rotating standby. Through the exploration of innovative and diversified energy storage applications and business models, it can effectively solve the problems of high volatility of new energy. At the same time, it helps the coordinated development of a new energy and power grid and builds a new type of green intelligent, interconnected interactive, flexible, and efficient power system in Yueqing.

In the future, Chint Power will rely on excellent product quality and a comprehensive after-sales service system to win your trust and satisfaction. We will use our professional technology to convert the vast and boundless light energy into a sustainable source of green power and work together with partners from all walks of life to move towards a new era of zero carbon emission.