CPS SCA5~25KTL-T1EU(Australia)
Chint Power String Inverter High Return of the Whole Life Cycle
Low Investment
Three-phase string series inverters products providing standard conguration DC switch and RS485/Wi-Fi/4G communication, which can match the requirements of different customers, support 10% rated overload and no-screen design, which can efficiently decrease initial investment of system.
High Profits
Three-phase string inverters can provide 98.4% maximume ciency,98.0% Europe ciency,99.5% MPPT efficiency, fanless topology design and international known device options,which can guarantee the profits of the Whole Life Cycle.
Maintenance Warranty
String inverter can support remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade, 7*24H after-sales service can guarantee the maintenance of the Whole Life Cycle.
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